My love for photography began my junior year of high school when I bought my first Nikon film camera. Digital photography was not as mainstream as it is today; so yes, I remember learning how to develop film. Back then I couldn’t wait to have my own studio and darkroom in my house when I grew up.

I wandered away from photography when I left for college to study architecture. I chose that major because of my fascination with buildings (odd as that may sound), but architecture was not my true love. Still in search of what to do with my talents, I ended up working several years in the hotel industry eventually landing in a marketing and advertising position. It was around that time I met my husband and best friend. Together we have ventured through many odd jobs and business ventures, gaining a ton of knowledge, experience and “we won’t ever do THAT again” moments…and we’re grateful for every minute of it.

It wasn’t too long ago a photographer and dear friend of mine gifted me one of her digital cameras. Ah, hello ol’ friend. By this time I had two children and quit my full-time job; and like most stay-at-home-moms (or “homemakers” as I’d much rather have been called) was looking for something else to do to contribute to our family financially. Enter Real Estate Photography. It made perfect sense since my husband is a Realtor; and hooray – I get to photograph some amazing spaces and architecture!

The blogs that follow are glimpses into the life of a Real Estate Photographer. Some blogs are educational, some funny (fingers crossed!) and others are (what I hope to be) inspirational. Regardless of how you found this page…thanks for stopping by!



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